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Road trips

Getting ready for the fairs means a lot of boxing, counting, checking, ordering and reordering, organizing family life for the kids, the dog and cat and not to forget the hubby. All excited that we are almost leaving again, happy to meet new people with all their enthusiasm and excitement about their projects. Happy to meet my nice and lovely customer who travel from time to time to see me where I am . I am always very grateful to see people coming from all over Belgium to meet me in Brussels, Namen or Liege this year. And then for the first time for Wicked i will be going close to my hometown, Mechelen not far from Antwerp and i will be able to speak Dutch or should I say Flemish...A little bit nervous about it and excited because I will meet up with friends and family I haven't seen for a while.

The kilometers I will be driving alone with some music probably Tracy Chapman and Vaya Con Dios because those I know by heart and only hurt my own ears :-))) .Sometimes it is lonely to be away from home but when I come back my hearth is full of lovely people and my head is still happy from all the positive vibes. And then when you come home everybody is happy again because you are there and life is going getting its normal pace again until we pack up again. The coming 3 months will be busy boxing and unboxing, trying to maneuver that huge trailer but I know I will be great full because I love what I do and that is what matters.

Happy to share all our new products with you, some lovely projects small and bigger but for sure some really nice exquisite soft and fluffy wool. Hope you will love what we have chosen for you!!   

I can start the countdown still 14 days to go and off we are!!!

See you soon!!

Barbara from Wicked Wool

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