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Hot Summer

So we are having this amazing hot summer. Which is really nice to see the sun every day and still we are not happy. Would love some rain or at least some air con...

Some of you may be surprised but it is not legal to install a air con in Switzerland in your house. So we have been sweating and at night we are going pretty late to bed because it is simply too hot. And then the wool arrives... all this lovely colors and beautiful materials. Ohhh boy i can image myself already with a great scarf and a knitted hat in the snow but for the meanwhile i have tried it on with a tiny T-shirt. We had a lot of fun!!

So we are getting ready for the coming months, as of mid-September we will be having the fairs with lots of new items and lovely wool. It is going to be fun to see you all again and who knows by then it will be a little fresher and that makes it easier to picture ourselves with those beautiful warm scarfs. Looking forward to meeting you all again in Belgium, France, Luxembourg,etc. You can have a look at our agenda to see where you can find us!! New this year is that in Liege and Brussels you will be able to join our workshops.  See you soon!!!

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