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Summer time

Summer time!!!

The sun is shining and the water is calling summer time here we come. Most of us are preparing their holiday breaks to recharge their batteries for the rest of the coming months. Finding some time to do even more crochet or knitting or to express all those creative minds.

Wicked will be also on holiday from the 14th of July until the 30th of July. All orders in that period will be shipped afterwards.

But we are not on holiday yet so we are testing new wool and cottons, looking for lovely patterns, having fun with the winter hats (yes even with 30degrees) and deciding which fairs we are going to participate at. Some have already been decided on put on our agenda and others will be added in the coming months.

We are looking forward to meeting you all again it is always a lot of fun. For some fairs we will even have a workshop space! That will be a lot of fun and i will also communicate in the coming months the new dates for our workshops.

It is going to be busy as of September... and on top of that we are looking to expand and are trying to find a little shop where we could put feet at but we will keep you posted on that. It will be in the Geneva area but still looking to find this really special spot where we could settle down.

Well i hope you will all have a lot of fun this summer we will keep you posted on all the new items and patterns going around.

Have fun!!!

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