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Already May....

I wanted to say that time flies but realised that i had already done that. It is amazing a year ago my life took turns in so many ways... Moving to Switzerland, leaving my job, focusing on my Wicked baby and having finally the time for my lovely girls.

It has been a whole experience to go through this life changer. And of course it was and is with up and downs... I am traveling between Luxembourg and Switzerland and from time to time to France and Belgium. I am finally getting used to Geneva. My daughters have been really amazing they have adapted to their new school, made new friends, have picked up a new life and of course we also had some tears and sadness. It has not been all a fairytale but it has been a great experience for all us. It brought us closer together as we are in the same boat for the adventure.

In the meanwhile we have created some routine and we have finally managed to organise some workshops again. Boy have i missed that, all those nice people ready to make something for the first time. learning or advancing on their project.

I really enjoy that exchange, we have found a great new spot in Luxembourg at Casa Fabiana. We had a great evening there. And in all the excitement i forgot to make pictures but lucky me my crochet friends had made some for me and i keep receiving the updates of their works. Looking forward to all those shawls and baskets to be finished.

Next month we will organise another workshop around the Zero Waste theme. Because we do have to look out for our planet! And it is fun to make our own market bags, make-up removers, etc we will keep you posted for the date!

Have a great day and hope to see you all soon again 

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