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A lot of things to decide

And here we are again. Our first round of fairs for 2018 has been finished and we are looking at new dates for this autumn. New places to go to but also some faires to redo. It is always a lot of fun to meet people again to see their finished products and to share new products.

I have been going to the fair of Cologne which is always a nice one to discover the latest trends to see the new colors and to order a lot of new wool.

Almost makes me want that it is September again so i can share the new things i have picked up and hope you will all like.

For the moment i am making a lot if interior items for a fair in Lyon in May. It will be a trial out and it is always very exciting to try something new. It is clear that Wicked is on the move and we are happy to share this all with you.

We are also looking forward to start our workshops again and the first one will be in Geneva on the 12th of April. We are looking forward to meet a lot of new people for our projects. We will be trying out later in one of our workshops the new knitting needles of Tulip. We are really happy to be able to share their initiative and are looking forward to give feedback on their new needles. If you are interested in trying them out don't hesitate to send us an email and we will provide you with all the details.

I was proud and very happy to meet again Arno and Carlos in Cologne. They are really great designers and they have made a wonderful new collection for example for Rowan. We hope to be able to share soon some more info about that.

You will see all the dates coming up for our new fares and for our workshops on our agenda of the website. If you have special requests you can always contact us because we are there for you!!

Have a great day see you soon


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