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People and Wool

What an exciting weekend we have had again. We were at the Creativa Fair in Metz and we met a lot of you all. It was a warm welcome for our second time. A lot of people come back to show us all the nice scarfs that had been making last year. We have laughed a lot with all your stories and I was really happy to see that you guys are so excited about Wicked. Even if i am not writing this in French i know that a lot you will be reading this. As you all know it is easier for me to write in English you give me so many times comments about my nice french accent. I can only say to you all "Je vous adore trop"!!

Wicked has been doing a lot of thinking over the last weeks and has contacted some really nice people. We are preparing something really nice for September.

I will keep you posted on that later this years but some great designers and some great fibers will be part of our adventure.

I had the chance to talk to different people for our workshops and it seems that also for that we are getting closer to solutions.

You have noticed that Wicked had for the first time her new logo with her. I really like it a lot but then again i did make it :-)))))))

Now we are getting ready for our fair in Brussels. First time for me that i am probably able to speak my mother tongue. So for all the Flemish people that will come "we kunnen u ook in het Nederlands helpen ".

I am really looking forward to the coming weeks. Meeting up with you all really gives me plenty of ideas.

Have a great day


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