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Faires and voices

Hello everybody,

First fair of the year in Luxembourg! always a nice start for the new year. It is lovely to see your customers back and it is always nice to meet the people that order on line life!!!

We had only one small major issue... Wicked was sick and had no voice! But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger so we have done the fair with a very little voice. Everybody has made a little effort and we were able to make it work. I know that a lot of wonderful project will start in the coming days, weeks and months and some others will finally be finished.

At Wicked we are getting ready for our next fair this time in Grenoble. We are preparing our boxes checking out all our goods and getting ready with new ideas. 

We are taking our vitamins, antibiotics and cortisones so we should be up and running next week again!!!

Looking forward to meeting you all in Grenoble

Have a great day

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