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Lots of things have changed part 2

Wicked will also keep her blog alive this year because i have finally understood that the communication is the most important thing in keeping a website alive....

We will post on Instagram our creations and the one of your customers that they are willing to share with us. And from time to time you will see how we live our daily live with 2 girls, a little dog and a very stubborn cat. And yes we do love them all!!!! 

Wicked has her own weels for 2018 so that will make that we will be able to participate to several fairs all over Luxembourg, Belgium and France. We will keep you posted on the several dates where you can meet us and touch and feel most of our wool. 

We will also start our activities in Switzerland and we will have several workshops.

For Wicked 2018 will be a lot of fun and more discoveries and we hope you will join us on our trip!!!

Wishing you all the best!

Barbara from Wicked Wool

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