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Lots of things have changed.....

At the beginning of the year we can look back on 2017 and oh boy so many things have changed!! On a personal and professional basis we have turned the world upside down.

Wicked has moved to another office in Luxembourg and we have started with the creative fairs. It was a lot of fun to meet you all and to discuss your ongoing projects. It is always lovely to hear what people are going to create and for who they are making it. There are lovely stories that fill the days and lots of memories. 

I have decided to finally stop working in the financial sector as I was really needing a creative change. And it has been a rollercoaster ever since!! It is not always easy but then some wise people told me if it would be easy everybody would do it! I have learned a lot about myself and how i can deal with situations. I am trying to look at the positive side of all these changes and i am happy with what i have learned. There is still a long way to go but that is also important that you know that the road is in front of you.

I have been able to create and make items for people which made me happy in return. I admire all those talented designers for the creations they make. Something that is on my list to learn more about. 


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